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Mendizábal Arquitectos

The only Architect and Contractor in Mexico who has developed everything you need and more to fulfil your dreams of living the life you want with confidence by choosing us as your architects and builders. Contact us today to start the process by scheduling an appointment simply to answer any questions you may have and move forward from there.

About Us

Mendizábal Arquitectos has dedicated all efforts throughout its 30+ years in the industry here in Yucatan State to properly inform, guide and help as many people as we could, not only to develop and build their dream of living here in Mexico but to go above and beyond expectations.


We intend to be the complete one-stop-shop of excellence and trust in hopes of making Mendizábal Arquitectos, the only viable decision in your development and building needs. In striving to achieve this, Mendizábal Arquitectos has developed everything you can imagine and more when making your choice of who will design and build your property dreams come to reality. Our unique care for each of our clients is why we are always people's first choice. Learn more below on what makes us so unique in comparison to any other firm available.

What Makes Us Unique

Full Transparancy 

Our dedication to our clients is paramount by being fully transparent with pricing as well as clear explanations as to why specific details must be considered in the planning phase for best results and keeping within your budget. Oftentimes, competitors do not explain these details until during the building process which increases costs as well as build time making them more profits but forcing a clients out of their respective budgets.

Incentives Towards Your Build

To the best of our knowledge in over 30 years in the industry, Mendizábal Arquitectos is the only firm offering our clients incentives such as forwarding the full cost of the blueprints and designs of the build to our clients when they sign with Mendizabal Arquitectos for the full building project saving them thousands upon thousands towards their budget.

Going Above and Beyond

Unlike any other firm or company in the Yucatan, Mendizábal Arquitectos went above and beyond for not only our clients but all ex-pats coming to Merida and the surrounding areas. Years ago, we developed the “Merida Mexico Expat Community” group on Facebook which is now officially the largest and most active and trusted ex-pat community in the state.  As a member of our community, you will find a treasure trove of fellow ex-pats to share recommendations, ask questions, meet new friends and immediately have a welcoming community for your convenience and everything that it includes!


We invite you to join our Facebook Community even if you choose another developer or architect firm to guarantee your induction into your new life is seamless and pleasant. When joining our Facebook Community, please be sure to clearly read and answer correctly each question asked before being given membership access as we check each one of our applicants to ensure the safety of our members through this first step.


As of January. 2024, the Merida Mexico Expat Community has reached the milestone of 20,000 members while continuing to grow strong and proud.

Contact Us

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST) to Merida, Mexico





Our Work

Our Services

Mendizábal Arquitectos prides itself on its confidence and abilities through our long history of client satisfaction. We've developed excellent partnerships and trusted contacts throughout the region in order to bring our clients exactly what they need and want via our developed network of professionals. Adding our own certifications and experience within the industry, each and every one of our clients is given the wonderful ease of process throughout their journey towards any project development.

Architectural Design

As one of the frontrunners for design throughout Mexico, Mendizábal Arquitectos leads the field in Architectural Design by working close with the client to manifest their dreams to reality and more.

Structural Studies

Our expert firm is a leader in proficiency of structural design to ensure your project is structurally developed not only for today but exactly how you want it now and for the future.

Complete Home Build

Being fully Certified by the City for Permit Acquisition and using our teams of insured contractors and partners, our firm takes your design from concept to completion as your fully certified one-stop-shop dedicating ourselves to your satisfaction and confidence.

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